Posted on: January 3, 2011 10:09 am

I Won!!..... So what?

I won my Fantasy Football Pool!  It was a fun event here on the CBS Sports site. 

I joined a random league of fans who named themselves "A Competitive League" so I looked forward to the opportunity to keep my interest in the NFL by this friendly competition.  I was far from optimistic after the draft, not really landing any of my targeted players save Maurice Jones-Drew.  The rest of the squad caused me to keep my eyes on the waiver wire, looking for rookies who might shine and salvage some self respect.

The Bucs Mike Williams was a gamble, particularly since as a Bucs fan I don't like choosing "my own" players for fantasy.  Betting with your heart rather than your head leads to losing.....

I picked up Eli Manning, not expecting much but better than Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Every week I added and subtracted, trying to overcome a 1-4 start to the season.  And it worked, but who did I beat?

I have no idea if the Competitive League consisted of high schoolers or NFL gurus.  Were they actually paying attention or was this one of a half dozen pools they were involved in?  Just who do I have bragging rights over?

Since there is no way to really know, I will declare myself a champion of champions!  Of course if I find out the the manager of the Midway Monsters whom I defeated for the title is 12, I may not play again.....
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Posted on: August 18, 2010 10:44 pm

Too soon for football?

Summer is ending and I should be excited that football season is upon us.  I had better get excited as I have a fantasy draft to prepare for.  But I just can't get there.  My heart isn't in it.  This is why Fantasy Football is so difficult for those of us with a life......

I'm not about to brag about some grand and glorious social life.  I spend more time watching sports and barmaids than a man has right to.  So why can't I get into all of the pre-draft research that is essential?  I know that by week three I'll be kicking myself again about once again giving a half-hearted effort at all this.

So the only way I'll make the playoffs this year is by sheer luck or the hope that they other players in my league have the same level of commitment that I do.

Damn....I wonder when my draft is scheduled.....
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Posted on: October 20, 2008 2:27 pm

Dream Series

So it comes down to this.  I have been coaching Little League teams of various ages for 7 years now.  Each year I have insisted that the kids need to be the Rays to support a Florida team.  "You can’t cheer for your dad’s team," I tell them. "You are Florida kids and you need to become fans of Florida teams."  There was always one kid who would ask, "So why do we have to be the Rays (Devil Rays)? Why can’t we be the Marlins?"  My response is always the same, "Because my Dad is a Phillies fan so we can’t be the Marlins."

Now, after all these years, I’ve got 3 of my own boys (and of course, my Florida born wife) cheering against me.  I’ve made contacts in the Rays marketing office who have been kind enough to send my teams equipment and leftover trinkets and giveaways. This past spring they made a significant contribution to our Little League after thieves broke into to our concession stand. This year there is a World Series that will interest my friends and family since so many of them know my plight – a Phillies fan who has been supporting the Rays since their inception. Just who will he root for?

I hope it goes 7 games with long balls, great defense, stolen bases and non-stop excitement.  I hope the media discovers the young ball players and seasoned managers who were overlooked last Spring as the focus remained on the usual suspects.

My living room is adorned with my now deceased dad’s Phillies jersey that he would wear to watch big games.  My kids are dressed in Devil Rays and TB Rays shirts and hats, dissing all of the Red Sox and Yankees fans they go to grade school with. 

So who am I cheering for? I can honestly say that I will be happy whoever wins. But if it is at all telling, my computer desktop is a Rays logo. The Fall Classic is fun again……

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